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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing Free fillable cms 1500 form 02/12

Instructions and Help about Free fillable cms 1500 form 02/12

Hi this is Irv from software for healthcare on your screen you will see two hicfa forms or CMS 1500 forms the one on the left is the one that's in use as of January 2022 and the one on the right will be required as of April 1st 2022 while I'm talking you might want to try to go to full screen just click full screen and then at that little gear at the bottom of YouTube's a high density 720 and give it about 30 seconds to clear up and then after that if that doesn't work go back to small screen I'll be expanding everything so you can see it well okay both of these forms were printed by doc pro with the latest update and right now I'm just going to stick with the forms and later if you want more you you can go over and look at the tutorials under doc Pro okay on the left is the CSA CMS 1500 form that's in use today and it's generally you can identify it from date down in here this is 805 or August of oh five when it which is the last time that form was changed on this one on the right it's coming out it's dated actually February 12 and also it's got this new 21st century scan code up on the top left okay national government services who is the Medicare contractor for New England has already announced that they will require the form on April 1st 2022 and that I believe is national as well to see a CMS edict there's only small differences between the forms I mean look at the difference between the left and the right this is really the same patient if you know the only differences are going to be down here in the diagnosis the only significant ones but they're different enough that you're going to need the new forms Medicare will require the new forms so you'll have to throw out the old ones and then also of course upgrade your software so I've probably got you know $50 worth of old forms you probably do too but will have to be just throwing those out so let's go ahead and take a look at the forms in a little more detail if you were to take these two forms and hold them up again I put one on top of the other physically and hold them up against the light or on a window where there's good sunlight you'll see they're really are identical there's just minor changes in some of the labeling and otherwise the forms are identical the big difference is is in the diagnosis and let's go ahead I'm going to blow up this section in this section so let's just make this a little bit bigger and let's bring that over here and we'll do the same on this side and basically the difference is right here.


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