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Instructions and Help about free printable cms 1500 form

You Music CMS 1500 real-time scrubber identifies common coding denial reasons that can quickly be corrected resulting in clean claim submissions simply enter claims code information and AAPC coder will prinstant feedback utilizing data that combines CCI with the logics of the Medicare physician fee schedule CPT concepts LCDs and CDs and more submitting clean claims means decrease time and cost for reworking denied claims the CNS 1500 real-time scrubber is located on the left side menu under claims edits click to access click the plus sign to the right of patient information the more information you fill out the more information the tool can prpatient name is not required but entering the date of birth and gender will prove beneficial fill in the claim information you can apply the date of service to all rows by clicking the check box for that option you will notice if you apply too many units a medically unlikely edit populates edits will appear for modifier issues such as a modifier that is not applicable or the absence of a modifier that may be required you will also see edits for incomplete diagnosis diagnosis that do not support the procedure and incorrect rvu order as you make corrections the edits will be removed from the scrub results there is an option to view code details this is helpful if you have an incorrect or incomplete code you can view the code detail and make corrections click the add procedure button to add another line for code entry once you are finished entering and making corrections to clear edits click Submit Music you.