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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing basic guidelines for submitting a cms-1500 claim for individual insurance

Instructions and Help about basic guidelines for submitting a cms-1500 claim for individual insurance

Have you ever wondered what it's like to work as a medical biller encoder I'm Elizabeth today we're spending time with some Carrington college graduates to find out what a typical day is like at Alliance mag Oh hi I'm Candace and I work at Alliance Med it's a medical biller encoders I have been here now working for about six months I went to school at Campion College my name is from the medical biller encoder to learn stuff and we'll explore turns in college what I really love about working here is the atmosphere device I literally finished my externship and instead of work next bank I favor sighs what my job is getting here every day everybody's friendly a lot of work to do from all these busy we do billing and reimbursement for out-of-network specialists and we also do some in-network now we do full service and we are giving it to the workers comp and the personal injury as well I come in and I will succeed with small priority and I will jump into one of those buckets cystic sewing I get into advance and be I put in the patients demo and find them and upload all the documents and get them out the door are usually come in and I check my email first and then I see what kind of assignments that I need to do and we check with my other co-workers to see whatever kind of work needs help with as well them and I start either billing or coding or processing reason during correspondence I have to make sure that I get whatever was put in we have 24 to 48 hours to get them coated building out the door if it's late and the insurance company can deny it I think we have a really good time doing what we do here our customers deserves about customer service and the best reimbursement and we'd love to employ the people that can come and help us do that with the right expertise every claim that goes out is very important we're dealing with high dollar claims and if any mistake was out there it could cost the company a lot of money the people I Carrington college that have come here I've done a great job of understanding that when I started school at that time I was coaching and mom in one school so graduating and social I graduated with great grades and then being able to get hired and write on it which is a good accomplishment and I felt like I've got a really good goal for my daughter so what are you waiting for to learn more about the medical billing and coding program at Carrington college visit Carrington edu today Farrington College the starting point for healthcare careers.